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Mr. J.B. Tyrrell
Mackenzie River Country
An Unjust attack
With a note book : Pharos writes of events at the capital , Mr. Tyrrell's explanations
A Tramp of 700 miles : return of explorer Tyrrell from northern regions
Northern regions : J. B. Tyrrell returns from a trip of exploration -- interesting details of north land
Geographical work by the Geological Survey of Canada in 1894
Letter to J. B. Tyrrell, 1894/04/06
Letter to J. B. Tyrrell, 1894/06/11
Letter to J.B. Tyrrell, 1893/05/04
Letter to J.B. Tyrrell, 1895/02/02
Map of the country between Lake Athabasca and Churchill River : to accompany report of J. Burr Tyrrell.