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2nd camp and cache of musk ox hides on the Thelon
Camp at Cache on W. shore, Hudson Bay, 256
Letter to J.B. Tyrrell, 1894/06/09
Letter to J.B. Tyrrell, 1895/10/10
Letter to J.B. Tyrrell, 1896/04/08
Mr. J.B. Tyrrell
With a note book : Pharos writes of events at the capital , Mr. Tyrrell's explanations
When J.B. Tyrrell was returning
Found up North : Mr. Tyrrell's lost specimens and instruments located
Valuable specimens and instruments
Letter to J.B. Tyrrell, 1894/03/07
Letter to J. B. Tyrrell, 1894/06/09
Party at Cache Camp, W. shore Hudson Bay
Camp at Cache on W. shore Hudson Bay, 254
Among the Esquimaux