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On the commercial importance of Hudson's Bay, with remarks on recent surveys and investigations
Preliminary report on an exploration of country between Lake Winnipeg and Hudson Bay
Strange sights : witnessed on a trip across Canada's barren lands
Barren lands of Canada : interesting lecture by Mr. J.B. Tyrrell on the northern area.
A Canadian explorer
Newly explored Northwest : sketch of Mr. J.B. Tyrrell and his recent explorations
Irish explorers : members of a King's County family safely back from Hudson's Bay
Abdruck aus Dr. A. Petermanns Mitteilungen. 1894, Heft 3
The Overland exploration to Chesterfield Inlet
An Unjust attack
The Canadian Geological Survey
With a note book : Pharos writes of events at the capital , Mr. Tyrrell's explanations
With a note book ... Mr. Tyrrell tells his story
A Canadian explorer