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South end Crystal Island, Artillery Lake
S. end Crystal Island, Artillery Lake (2)
Fairchild's canoe, Kipling Lake, Sept. 11th
Camp 11 miles east of Fond-du-Lac, April 24th
Camp 11 miles east of Fond-du-lac, April 24th (2)
Ice piled on the shore (Doobaunt Lake), 166
Canoes ascending current on Sturgeon River
South bank of Sturgeon River
Hauling a canoe up a rapid on Sturgeon River
Hauling a birch-canoe up a rapid
Little channel between lakes on Cochrane River
North end of portage from Cochrane River
Rapid, with boulder banks, on Thlewiaza River
Birch canoe above rapid in Thlewiaza River
Rapid in Thlewiaza River, showing boulder-banks
Canoes at the head of the above-named banks
Exploring Rankin Inlet, Hudson Bay
Mr. Ferguson's Canoe, on Reindeer River