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Drying caribou meat, 129
Drying caribou meat, 130
Reindeer speared by Eskimos, Kazan River
Aiyout and Kak-kuk, our two Eskimo guides at camp on Angikuni Lake
Aiyout and Kakkuk at same place as last
The barren ground of northern Canada
The winter home of the barren ground caribou
Vast herds of Manitoba reindeer
Twenty acres of caribou
Where Santa Claus keeps his reindeer
The Situation
A Sportsman's paradise : herds of deer as far as the eye can see
Great herds of reindeer
Canada's barren land : Mr. J. B. Tyrrell's lecture before the Haddo Club
The Overland exploration to Chesterfield Inlet
Caribou on the shore of Carey Lake, 115
In countless herds : Canada's great 'Barren Grounds' swarm with deer
In the wilds of Canada : a great journey across the barren lands to Hudson Bay
Our New York letter
The Story of an explorer : a tour through the barren lands