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J.W. Tyrrell C.E., D.L.S. in arctic dress
Letter to J.B. Tyrrell, 1895/10/10
Autobiography of J.B. Tyrrell
Report on the Doobaunt, Kazan and Ferguson Rivers, and the north-west coast of Hudson Bay, and on two overland routes from Hudson Bay to Lake Winnipeg
An expedition through the barren lands of northern Canada
Important discoveries : by two surveyors in the far North
James Williams Tyrrell, M.E.I.C.
James Williams Tyrrell
The Tyrrell explorers : trying to cross the Barren Grounds to Hudson's Bay
The Situation
Great herds of reindeer
Letter to James Williams Tyrrell
Letter to J.W. Tyrrell, 1893/05/15
Letter to J.W. Tyrrell
Letter to J. W. Tyrrell, 1893/05/10
Letter to Mary Edith Carey, 1893/05/12
Our New York letter